About to finish Chapter 1

So far so good.  I am about a page or two from finishing the first chapter.  As always, it surprises me how my outline changes as I do the actual writing.  Though the way I outline might seem a bit too structured and strict, I give myself a four page leeway to work in the ideas that suddenly seem to pop up in midsentence.  Because I only give the bare minimum description of what the scene is about, I can play with an idea and even add a character or two (two in this case) that I didn’t imagine while I was in the throws of creating the outline itself.

If there are people out there that think that have a strict outline limits creativity–as I used to be one of them–I say to them, it does not by any means.  I am still able to take different routes and add things that I didn’t think of before and still fall within the confines of my outline.  Hence my four page leeway.  That’s approximately 1,000 words.  That’s a lot of space to fill into a frame.  It also makes writing a bit easier than what it used to be.

And I enjoy it much more.

I just put up the Chapter 5 for your enjoyment.  So I hope you enjoy it.







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