I’ve been thinking about several stories at once.  Two of them come to mind as I write this.  One spawned from a dream while the other garnered inspiration from a movie a recently watched.

I use a program called Snowflake Pro to organize the planning of all my writing projects.  So, I was just about done with the dream idea when I saw a movie that got my creative juices overflowing.  So now I’m torn as to which project I should gain my attention.  To me, they’re both fantastic ideas–each in its own way, I suppose.  But, after speaking with one of my colleagues during a break, he told me that the dream idea was the most exciting and interesting.  Granted, I find that because it was more fleshed-out and complete, I was able to give it justice, but I still feel I could write this other one as well and it would be just as good.

So, here goes:

The Dream

A young, Majaen Weaver with aspirations of being a ghost hunter like her idol must find her way back to her own world after she is accidentally taken to a dying world where she can not only save herself but the entire world.


The Other Idea

The story of how the University of Everspyyre came to be.

It’s a tough choice, but I know that I’ll eventually write both of them.  I’m just anxious to get going.







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